A New System Gives Updated Information on Open Parking Spots to Truckers

Truck Driving

Finding a parking spot can be a pain when you’re in a car, truck or SUV alone. You can only imagine how tough it is to find a safe parking space when you’re driving a big rig truck! Currently, truckers may have to search to find the ideal place to safely rest or park their truck for a break. New technology is in the works in Florida that provides near real-time information to truckers that makes finding safe haven more efficient.

Problem with Parking

There are firm mandates around how often a trucker must stop for rest periods and there are limited areas available for them to pull off. This can cause truckers to either go over their time or spend additional important minutes searching for spots to stop. The Department of Transportation of Iowa and other states in the Central U.S. have worked together to create an accessible option for truck drivers to pull off the road.

Benefits of Safe Parking

Truckers traveling through eight different states are now able to find designated private truck stops and acceptable rest areas through smart phone apps. These apps all utilize a data feed that comes directly from trucksparkhere.com. Some individual states also have options that help point truckers towards an open spot in their general area.

When truckers are able to safely pull off the road to park, it makes the roads safer for everyone and helps truckers stay within their required working and resting periods. Truck driving jobs can pay very well, and there are excellent benefits with you work with a family-owned business such as M&W Transportation. We have been working with truckers and logistics for the past several decades and are always looking for ways to provide new opportunities to our team. Find the perfect truck driving jobs today when you visit our online job search site!