A Trucker’s Life for Me Too: Women in Trucking

By February 3, 2015 Trucking No Comments
Woman driving an eighteen wheeler

It’s a stereotype that is slowly beginning to change: A big tractor trailer rolls up, the door opens, and out comes a blue jeans and white t-shirt clad male, usually sporting an aptly-named trucker hat. Truck drivers have a reputation as being tough and gritty, spending hours on end carrying assorted goods across the country and back. But recently, more and more females have been signing up to join the ranks of their male counterparts and trucking companies are pretty excited about it. Check out below to see why more and more females are being recruited for truck driving roles:

Women are welcome: In a typically male dominated role, it’s easy to see why women fail to even consider a career as a truck driver. But consider this: corporate America contains the most drastic pay difference between the sexes with females making up to 20% less than males with the same job title. This is not the case in the trucking industry, as you are paid the same based on miles driven or load regardless of if you are male or female.

Accommodating features: As trucking companies begin to recruit more females, they are becoming more sensitive to female-friendly truck models. This includes adjustable seat belts and seats, easier access to fuel and oil tanks and additional options to make it easier to drive a big rig. Additionally, truck-stops are taking note and allowing female drivers greater access to company-owned amenities such as showers and laundry facilities.

The number of female truckers increases greatly each year as women realize they can hold their own behind the wheel. If you are a female and looking for a job in the transportation industry, give M&W Warehousing a call. We’d be happy to help answer any questions you may have and provide you with the next steps to begin your career with us.