How Lidar Technology is Working to Enhance Trucking Safety

Truck Driving

Even the best and safest truck drivers can have an accident when they’re in the wrong place at the wrong time. While some options for semi-autonomous driving is coming to cars with lane-departure warnings and automatic emergency braking, this tech hasn’t been as available for big trucks — until now. See how technology and trucking companies are working together to bring this same type of safety support to large Class-8 trucks.

Infrared Laser Technology

Lidar (laser radar) is used to look ahead of drivers and deliver signals to electronic safety technology inside a vehicle. Even the most well-trained driver is not able to see everywhere at once, and small vehicles can easily dart in front of a large truck and cause a collision. Lidar technology works even in low light, rain and fog as well as augmenting the driver’s senses during the day. Currently, drivers are at a disadvantage if road conditions are less than perfect, or if traffic suddenly and dramatically changes.

More Warning = Safer Roads

Fully-loaded big rigs can take hundreds of feet to stop, meaning every bit of additional knowledge that the driver has at their fingertips is crucial to preventing an accident. The combination of lidar and the height of trucks allows for an extremely accurate picture of the traffic surrounding the trucks. Information such as the physical distance from vehicles in front of the truck are measured instantly, so evasive action and braking happen quickly.

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