Lane Departure Warning Systems Protect Truck Drivers

Truck Driving

There are plenty of dangers on the road for big rigs and their drivers, but there are also some next-generation security options that are helping truckers stay safe on the road. When you’re driving a big truck, it can be difficult if not impossible to see a small vehicle that could be hiding in your blind spot. Fortunately, some trucks are now being outfitted with lane departure warnings and other active security technology to help reduce the possibility of an accident.

Life-Saving Technology

Lane departure warnings and other active security technology can truly save lives on the road for individuals who have chosen a trucking career. A recent study by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety shows that more than 6,372 crashes could have been prevented with the use of this type of tech. Installing these systems on trucks could also potentially reduce or eliminate the 1,342 injuries and 115 deaths that occurred due to trucks that drifted or turned into vehicles that couldn’t be seen by the drivers.

How Lane Departure Warnings Work

Driving long distances requires a great deal of focus on the road to ensure that drivers are not faced with becoming sleepy or distracted while driving. Lane departure warnings sound the alarm to let drivers know that they’re drifting out of their current lane and may be moving into oncoming traffic. They may also help drivers determine when it’s time to stop for a quick break.

Truck drivers are rating the lane departure warnings as very useful, and when asked whether they think it could potentially prevent an accident, nearly 40% agreed that it could keep them safer. Lane departure warnings are meant to help maintain a center lane position, so trucks are more aware of vehicles that are surrounding their big rig. Trucking jobs are available, and qualified professionals are in-demand in the area. Contact M&W Transportation today at 800-251-4209 or apply online if you’re ready to get started in a lucrative career in trucking.