A Marketers Mind: Tennessee Trucking Association’s Annual Safety Break

Tennessee-Trucking-AssociatBy Zack Pugh:

A few days ago Safety Director, Wayne Dorris, and I made the trek west on I-40 to the Tennessee Trucking Association’s (TTA) annual safety break. Although the day was very dreary with rain and humidity, we had a great time speaking with professional truck drivers and passenger car drivers. The TTA has these safety breaks all over the state of Tennessee a couple times a year usually around or before a big holiday travel weekend.


At the rest area close to Dickson Tennessee, we had a mixture of truck companies, and service providers to the trucking industry. My favorite part was chatting with the Tennessee Highway patrol officer, Curly Jones, who had joined us for the day. He was fantastic as we talked about trucking and some of the misconceptions that truck drivers may have of a state trooper. Curly was insistent that the trooper is for the truck driver! Stereotypes aside, they want to help you get down the road safely.


In addition to the great conversation, there was delicious food that we had in our area. Every drink you could think of, snacks for every taste, and even some little toys for the kids when they would come up. Throughout the day, I was able to chat with several motorists about why trucks and trucking is important to America. What a privilege it is to explain what M&W Transportation does for them every day.


It was a great experience, and if you are in the Nashville truck driving industry and you have never been to one of these safety breaks, you absolutely should get out and try it.


DISCLAIMER: This is just my perspective as your humble Director of Marketing. If you have comments on this topic (or anything else) swing by my office. My door is always open.