Remembering Driver, Charlene York

Charlene York-CA Marketers Mind by Zack Pugh III

Well, it’s been a tough week here at M&W. Most of the staff and drivers received word over the weekend that we lost a driver and friend, Charlene York, early on Saturday morning.

The reality that we could lose a driver is never something that you think about….or want to think about. When I worked for the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, we always understood the risk that our drivers were under and unfortunately I was an eyewitness to the loss of Dan Wheldon at Las Vegas during the first few laps of the Indy Car race in 2011. But in trucking you just don’t think about seeing someone one day and then the next they are gone…or at least I didn’t.

I can still see Charlene sitting out at the picnic table waiting to start her evening run. Some nights I would spend a few minutes with her, and it always ended with a hug. Charlene was sweet and caring and never had a cross thing to say. But now she is gone, and it causes me to pause and reflect on my family and my desires to keep them safe.

Why do bad things happen to wonderful people, that’s a million dollar question, it may have just been Charlene’s time, and the Lord was calling a weary saint home.

To our professional truck drivers, BE SAFE, DON’T HURRY. There are people at home and at M&W that care for you. No load is worth your life, be smart and be SAFE.

DISCLAIMER: This is just my perspective as your humble Director of Marketing, if you have comments on this topic (or anything else) swing by my office. My door is always open.