Stand Out From the Crowd: What Makes a Good Truck Driver

M&W Transportation Truck Safety

Truckers well matched to their work

Not everyone is cut out to be a truck driver, but those with a certain personality type, good work ethics and aspirations to see the country unfold before them tend to love their careers in trucking. The Truckingtruth elaborates on this. When you view truck driving as just delivering cargo from point A to point B, it’s not possible to understand the full potential of the career, including adventure, travel and problem solving.

CDL training is very important for truck driving job readiness. Even beyond this, according to Eagle Ford Shale, truckers need strong common sense, strength and need to be aware at all times. For example, they need to know if something is wrong with the truck and what steps to take to fix it. They need to be constantly aware of the driving of others and how it impacts them. They need to be knowledgeable about all the rules of the road and what particularly applies to truck drivers.”

Innate qualities of excellent truck drivers

Truck driving jobs require physical stamina and being in great shape. High energy levels are a must as is the ability to lift heavy loads. Many other kinds of jobs only require lifting up to 20 pounds. That’s not true for truck drivers, but they are trained in how to best lift heavy cargo.

Dependability and reliability are essential. Truck drivers are responsible for cargo being delivered and this keeps America going in many important ways. Loads need to be delivered on time and honesty in the reporting of logs is another important part of a truck driver’s job.

Call it being one with the road. Good judgment is necessary to know when there’s a mechanical problem and when to pull over for the night. Safety goes hand in hand with common sense and acute awareness.

Pride in truck driving

Truck drivers should take pride in their work. It’s not simply any old job. Instead, it is a profession which calls for specific traits and credentials, and this in itself makes it appealing. If you are introspective and love seeing the country in a unique way, a trucking job may be for you! Do you have the basic traits for driver success? With the current shortage of truck drivers, now is the time to join this line of work. To learn more about rewarding driving opportunities based in Nashville, call M&W Transportation at 615-256-5755 or toll free at 800-251-4209.