Taking Truck Driver Qualifications to the Next Step

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It’s not a secret that highly qualified truck drivers are an important asset to trucking companies. With a current shortage of drivers which the American Trucking Association projects to be around 25,000, trucking companies are seeing a growing need for highly skilled drivers. In some locations, it’s market for those who can exceed minimum qualifications. Drivers who meet the highest standards help ensure that their company services are capable of delivering high-quality transportation solutions. Experienced, knowledgeable truck drivers have the opportunity to work with those who will respect such drivers, ensuring complete client satisfaction and success.

Career-focused truck drivers understand the importance of exceeding expectations, which enable those who reach beyond minimum standards the opportunity to chose. From the carrier they work with, to the workload they take on, every driver has ability to create career freedom.

Keep up to date on current qualifications. Staying current with demands and expectations is your first line of defense. Compare and contrast your qualifications often to gage where you stand out or may need growth.

Stay aware of industry standards. Safety regulations, sector changes, and industry news can increase a driver’s knowledge on what is currently expected. With increasing advancements in technology and a fluctuating economy, staying up to date on any changes or advancements can help set you apart from other experienced drivers. Building and maintaining relationships with those in the industry is an easy way to stay current on what is expected.

Always be realistic about the amount of work you’re willing to put in. As appealing as career freedom sounds, it’s only possible for those who understand the importance of a solid work ethic. Maintaining your own schedule and staying organized are important factors in exceeding qualifications. The amount of work you put in will always be equal to the amount of work you receive.

It’s understood at M&W that if you are an experienced driver, you deserve the respect, workload and excellent benefits that are available to you. If you are ready to be valued, we invite you to join us at M&W Transportation. All you need to do is fill out our truck driver’s application.