The Drive on MWTV 4-18-16

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The Drive FI

Hello again everyone and thanks for watching The Drive on MWTV. I’m Chris Woody.

We want to remind everyone once again that we have two upcoming events and deadlines are fast approaching. Indy Drivers – the deadline to sign up for the May 22nd event at Indianapolis Motor Speedway is April 29th. We must have the names of all employees and guests by that date. We’ll have a suite at the track and food catered by Jugs. This is going to be a great time for our Indy drivers and it kicks of an entire week of Driver Appreciation activities. We’ll have staff from the Nashville office visiting the terminal, plenty of food, and much more. So be sure to contact Zack Pugh in Nashville at extention 212 to reserve your spot by April 29th.

And down here in Nashville we’ve got our own event to sign up for. We’ll be at Smiley Hollow in Goodlettsville, TN on July 23rd, but you must sign up by Friday, June 10th in order to attend. This picnic is for Nashville and Memphis employees, along with their spouses and any children living at home. There’s a sign-up sheet at the front desk in B-building, or you can call Zack Pugh to reserve your spot. And once again, you must sign up by June 10th.

Well drivers, that’s it for this edition of The Drive on MWTV. I’m Chris Woody. Thanks for watching, stay safe out there, and keep on truckin’.