The Drive on MWTV 4-4-16

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The Drive FI

Hello everyone and thanks for joining us once again for The Drive on MWTV. I’m Zack Pugh.

We now have a couple of sign-up deadlines for our upcoming company events. Indy drivers – if you would like to join us for the kick-off to driver appreciation week at Indianapolis motor speedway, you must sign up by April 29th. We’ll get to see some great qualifying action from the comfort of our own suite. That event will take place on May 22nd, but once again, you must sign up by April 29th. You can contact me, Zack Pugh, at ext. 212 to reserve your spot.

And for all you Nashville and Memphis drivers – our company picnic at Smiley Hollow will be on Saturday, July 23rd, and you must sign up by June 13th in order to attend. This event is for employees, their spouses, and any children living at home. The sign-up sheet for the event is located in B building, but you can also call me at ext. 212 to make your reservation.

And now for all our drivers – the safety bonus will be paid out this week and we’ve made some changes to the information you’ll get in your mailbox to help make the calculation a little clearer. The top half of the sheet will show you exactly how your score and bonus payout were calculated. The bottom half of the sheet will list any observations that were made as well as any notes concerning the bonus. We feel it’s very important that everyone understands their bonus, and that they have access to all the information we use to calculate it. If you have any questions about the safety bonus, just see Chris Woody or give him a call at ext. 229.

And finally, we know especially around bonus time that most of the talk is about infractions and things drivers did wrong, but we’d like to share a quick word about something a driver did right. Ronnie Gilliam was the subject of a glowing email sent to M&W last week from one of our customers. In that email, the customer gave Ronnie high praise for his skill and professionalism. So we’d like to thank Ronnie for representing M&W the right way, and we’d like to thank all of you who are going about your business like professionals every day.

Well that’s it for this edition of The Drive on MWTV. I’m Zack Pugh. Thanks for watching, stay safe out there, and keep on truckin’.