The Drive on MWTV 2-15-16

The Drive FI

Hello again everyone and thanks for watching The Drive on MWTV. I’m Chris Woody. Let’s go ahead and kick off today’s show with some M&W news…

It’s only February but already we’ve started planning some great company events for 2016. Last year’s summer picnic, driver appreciation week, and company sponsored outings were very successful and we hope to do even better this year. If you have a suggestion for something you would like to see us do together as a company, just let us know, or drop a note in the suggestion box in the driver’s room.

And speaking of the suggestion box, one thing that’s come up several times is the parking situation here at the Nashville terminal. M&W has grown quite a bit in the last year and with those extra people comes extra vehicles. We’re counting on space at the new shop to help ease the overcrowding, but until that project is completed, we have just a couple of things to keep in mind…

First, if at all possible, please pull your tractor out of its spot and put your personal vehicle in that same spot. And secondly, try to only take up as much space as you need. Getting just a few inches closer to the vehicle next to you can really make a difference if everyone does it across the whole yard. It’s important to know that everyone at M&W is aware of the situation and we’re working on a long term solution. So thanks to all of you who have offered suggestions. And keep ‘em coming!

Well, it’s been a couple months since the last release of The Driver audio CD. We’ll be in the studio recording the new edition on February 18th and you can be looking for the CDs to hit your mailbox sometime in mid-March.

And finally, we’d like to remind everyone about our referral bonus program. We’ve got open positions at all three terminals right now, so this is the perfect time to spread the work about M&W and claim a little something for yourself. Drivers who refer another driver to M&W will receive $500 as soon as the new driver starts, and another $500 if the new driver is still employed after 90 days. So just in case you’re holding off because you don’t think $1000 is worth the trouble, we did a little research into just what $1000 could buy you on ebay…

Have you ever been searching for that perfect worn out t-shirt that says both casual and cool? Well for the low low price of $1000 this one could be yours!

Or how many times have you been drying your hair and said to yourself, this warm air is terrible. I need some new warm air. Well for only $1000 you can have the best warm air money can buy.

And with many of you drivers on the road or working long hours, who can be bothered to water a plant? Well, your troubles will soon be over for only $1000. This fake plant requires no watering, and look, today it’s on sale!

No matter how you spend it, $1000 is a lot of money and it can be yours every time you refer a driver to M&W. Just let us know if you have someone in mind.

Well that’s it for this edition of The Drive on M&W. I’m Chris Woody. Thanks for watching, stay safe out there, and keep on truckin’.