The Drive Podcast – Episode 1 – Famous Truck Drivers

Charles Bronson

·         Served in WW2- stationed in Guam

·         Drove as part of his many jobs

·         Known for The Dirty Dozen and Once Upon a Time in the West

·         Given name was Charles Buchinsky

James Cameron

·         Directed: Aliens, Titanic, Avatar, Terminator 1& 2,

·         Drove after dropping out of college

·         Quit driving in 1977

Sean Connery

·         Served in the Navy

·         First name is actually Thomas and went by Tommy growing up

·         Has two tattoos- one reads “Mum and Dad” and one says “Scotland Forever”

·         After leaving the Navy he worked as a truck driver, lifeguard, body builder, and many other jobs

·         Bond- duh

Chevy Chase

·         Worked as a truck driver after graduating with an English Degree

·         Real name is Cornelius Crane Chase

·         Had many other jobs

·         Know for National Lampoons, SNL, Caddyshack

Richard Pryor

·         Drove for a catering company

·         His grandma owned a brothel and his mother was a prostitute in Illinois

·         Drove before he went into the army where he spent most of his time in jail

·         Comedian, Emmy & Grammy winner

Liam Neeson

·         Drove a forklift and truck for Guinness

·         From Ireland

·         Studied physics and computer science, but left to work for Guinness

·         Started boxing at 9 till 17

·         Known for: Taken, Schindler’s List, Star Wars, Batman, Love Actually, Chronicles of Narnia, Lego Moive, new Men in Black

Elvis Presley

·         Born in Mississippi

·         Moved to Memphis as a teen

·         Could not read music

·         Was told he should stick with truck driving because he would never make it as a singer

·         Drove for Crown Electric starting in April 1954

·         “Elvis fancied himself a future trucker and styled his hair into a pompadour like the truckers of his day”-

Rock Hudson

·         Drove during his service in WW2 & the Navy

·         Real name was: Roy Harold Scherer, Jr. Until he was adopted by his step dad and his last name changed to Fitzgerald

·         Also worked as a truck driver after moving to LA to pursue acting