The Drive Podcast – Episode 9 – Remembering Buford Benson – Conspiracy Theories – Weeping at Walgreens

This week we talk about Buford Benson, some crazy conspiracy theories, and the heat of summer that made Chis and Zack writhe in pain.


Buford O. Benson, Sr. – Age 79 of Nashville, TN. July 11, 2019. Preceded in death by first wife, Carolyn Medlin Benson; sister, Mary Crook; & brother, Edward Benson. Survived by wife, Rita Lanham Benson; daughter, Laney (Mark) McKay; son, Neal (Diana) Benson; grandchildren, Hayden, Baylor, Maycie and Vayle McKay, Jackson and Nathan Benson; sisters, Hazel Vickers, Dorothy Dixon, Betty Bess and Ruby Wood. Funeral services will be conducted Monday, July 15, 2019 at 11:00 a.m. at Woodbine Funeral Home, HICKORY CHAPEL, 5852 Nolensville Road by Andy Connelly. Interment Harpeth Hills Memory Gardens with Military Honors. Family and Friends will serve as Pallbearers. In lieu of flowers, memorials may be made to Jovenes en Camino at Visitation will be Sunday from 2 – 5 p.m. Monday 10 – 11 a.m. at Woodbine Funeral Home, HICKORY CHAPEL, 615-331-1952.

Conspiracy Theories

50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing

·         July 16th – Launch Date

·         Neil Armstrong walked on moon on July 20th

·         Theory 1- There are no stars

·         Theory 2- It looks like the flag is moving

·         Theory 3- It just wasn’t possible

·         Theory 4- There is too much radiation in space


·         Rebuttals:

o   The camera was focused on the astronauts not the stars

o   The flag was moved when placed

o   There is not a dangerous amount of radiation in space for the amount of time they were there

o    You can still see the footprints there

o   There is leftover space equipment there

o   Moon rocks- we have them


Flat Earth Movement

·         Started by Samuel Rowbotham in the 1800s

·         Relaunched by Samuel Shenton 1956, but it died with him

·         Relaunched again by Daniel Shenton (no relation to Samuel) in 2004, with the official formation of the society in 2009.

·         There are 500 members

·         Theory

o   The north pole is in the center and Antarctica is the edge. The ice holds the water in

o   Sun and Moon are 3000 mile above Earth and rotate around the north pole

o   Cosmos are 3100 miles above earth

·         Mike Hughes, a daredevil and flat-Earth conspiracy theorist, used a homebuilt manned-rocket in an attempt to see for himself if the Earth is flat on March 24, 2018.[64] His rocket made of scrap metal was estimated to cost $20,000, and using a mobile home as a custom launchpad managed to climb 1,875 feet with Hughes inside and ended with a hard landing but with parachutes successfully deploying. The amateur rocketeer was not seriously injured and remains firm in his flat Earth beliefs. He claims that real evidence will come with “larger rockets”.[65]

·         Space Exploration is fake

·         Gravity is created by the earth accelerating through space at 32 ft/ second

·         Earth is not a planet and is the center of the solar system while the planets, moon, and sun orbit above it and there is nothing below it.