The Drive Podcast – Episode10 – Planes – Helicopters – Dummies – Roy Rogers

Podcast 7/22/2019

1.       On this day in history:

·         1983 the first solo helicopter flight around the world was completed

o Australian entrepreneur and adventure, Dick Smith completed the trip after leaving August 5, 1982.

o Started and landed in Hurst, TX (between Dallas and Ft. Worth) and was greeted by his wife, 2 daughters, and 300 supporters.

o It was 320 flight hours, was done on a single engine aircraft, and was 34,200 miles

o Cost $150,000

·         1933 the first solo plane flight was completed

o American Wiley Post landed in NY on this day in 1933 after flying around the world

o Started on July 15 and it took him 7 days, 18 hours, and 49 minutes.

o He flew 15,596 miles

o His planes name was Winnie Mae.

o He died 2 years later, with Will Rogers, when attempting to fly across the North Pole


2.       Food

·         Yesterday was National Ice Cream Day (Thursday is hot fudge sundae day)

o What is your favorite ice cream?

·         Yesterday was also National Junk Food Day