How Do I Get into Truck Driving?

Have you ever wanted to travel and see the country, but didn’t think you had the money to do it? If you are looking for a good-paying career that has excellent job security, truck driving may be the perfect option for you. There are serious shortages in truck drivers in specific segments of the industry, and qualified individuals will find themselves with plenty of options when it comes to finding their ideal situation. How can you get started in this profitable and fun industry?

Have a Great Work Ethic

If you are looking for a 9-to-5 job where you punch your 40 hours on the clock and head home, truck driving may not be for you. Truck drivers are legally allowed to drive up to 70 hours per week, and nearly every shipment is on a tight time schedule. That means you have to be focused and dedicated to getting the job done on time if you want to maintain job security.

Get Your CDL License

The first step in getting started is obtaining your Class A CDL, or commercial driver’s license. With this license, you are legally allowed to drive a tractor-trailer as long as you are above the age of 21. There is a small fee involved, and there are several steps to the process including a 14-day learner’s permit where you practice your skills. Truck driving school is often a necessity, too.

Prepare to See the Country

Hopping in the truck for your first long haul is likely to be a very exciting experience. You never know what you will encounter — beautiful landscapes, frustrating traffic — or both at the same time! What is important is that you prepare yourself mentally and prepare your family to realize that you will likely be gone for a stretch of time.

The future is bright for those individuals who are interested in becoming a truck driver. From the unique opportunities to travel throughout the country and make new friends to the exceptional pay and lack of competition from others, truck driving is fast becoming one of the most in-demand careers. Learn more about how you can get started today at M&W Transportation. Fill out our easy online application, including your work history and any moving violations, and our recruiters will be in touch soon!