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What Are the Requirements for Truck Driving School?

Driving a truck is an extremely lucrative career, that provides you with a great deal of flexibility and often includes opportunities to see various parts of the country. There is a serious shortage of qualified truck drivers now, making truck driving jobs attractive option for individuals who are interested in increasing their earning potential and finding a long-term position with an organization. There are some requirements before you get started with CDL jobs, such as the successful completion of truck driving school and obtaining your CDL license. Here are the requirements for entering truck driving school.

Candidate Requirements

In order to be accepted into truck driving school and be eligible for CDL jobs, you’ll need to be at least 21 years of age. Younger candidates, those who are 23 and younger, must also have a clean driving record. All candidates must:

  • Be able to pass a mandatory physical that includes horizontal field of vision of 80 degrees or greater and a blood pressure of 140/90 or less and a drug screening
  • Produce an original Social Security card that has not been altered in any way
  • Employment records must be satisfactory, and candidates must have a minimum of 3 years of employment history — and include phone numbers with area code for all prior employment positions
  • Pass a standardized road test
  • Meet the requirements for a clean criminal record

Once you are sure you can meet these basic requirements, truck driving school provides you with an opportunity to plot a successful course for your future in trucking! At M&W Logistics, we’ve been moving freight across America since 1973, and are a family-owned and operated organization with extensive warehouse space and trucking opportunities. Contact us today at 615-256-5755 to learn more or fill out an application to join our team online.