The Drive Podcast Episode 11 – MVR’s and PSP’s – Sleeping – Florida, Colorado, Texas

The most debated topics on Trucking Forums:


Tickets vs. Warnings / MVR vs. PSP

·         Drivers do not have a scorecard or a score. Only carriers do.

·         Things can show up on MVR but not PSP, and vice versa.

·         PSP = inspections and crashes

·         MVR = traffic citations, suspensions, etc.


Sleep Apnea

·         Doctor’s discretion (just because it’s not in the regs doesn’t mean it can’t affect you)

·         FMCSA guidance

·         Doctor shopping


Drug and Alcohol Clearing House

·         How it works

·         What problem does it solve?

·         All drivers will have to give permission to their carriers to query the database

·         What the process will be like

·         January 2019