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How Long Does It Take to Finish Truck Driving School?

Starting something can be easy, but finishing is a little more difficult sometimes. While truck driving school is a commitment, you can rest assured that you will have some great skills and be prepared to launch your new career once you have finished. One of the most popular programs is a Class A CDL program, which provides you with the instruction and hands-on training that you need to obtain your license.

Getting Your Truck Driver’s License

Heavy truck drivers need a special license in order to legally operate a big rig. This CDL, or Commercial Driver’s License, comes with a few additional requirements beyond a traditional license to operate a motor vehicle. There are two key types of CDL licenses: Class A and Class B. Class A licenses allow you to operate a wider variety of vehicles, so many people select this option. Class B licenses only certify you to drive dump trucks or other smaller commercial machines.

CDL Training Programs

The type of CDL programs available in your area may vary, but generally these schools are anywhere from 3-12 weeks in length. The program may be full-time during the day or part-time on evenings and weekends. There are a variety of different tracks that you can use to tailor your licensing, such as adding endorsements for hazardous materials, additional hours of practice driving and more. Finding the right CDL program for your needs may require some research but finding the right fit will help you get a jump start on your career.

Once you’ve successfully completed a CDL program, you are ready to start your career as a truck driver. Contact M&W Transportation today to learn more about the excellent pay and benefits we offer for licensed truckers in your area. Our online application allows you to indicate your interest in a variety of different options, too.