5 Important Features of the Electronic Logging Device (ELD)

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Truckers are always looking for ways to make more money on the road in the same amount of time. The Electronic Logging Device, or ELD, is one of the ways that truckers can be more efficient with their time — leaving them more hours available in the week for driving. Many drivers find that using an ELD gives them up to an extra 5-10 hours per week of drive time! Check out these 5 important features of the ELD that you may be missing.

Top 5 Benefits of ELDs

1. Inspections are faster. Since everything is stored electronically, you can bypass some of the more burdensome requirements of compliance and zip right through inspection lines.

2. Audible alerts help maintain compliance. It can be tough to keep close track of when your next 30-minute break is due, but that becomes a breeze with ELDs! You’ll receive an audible alert when you’re getting close to standard compliance requirements.

3. Protect yourself in the event of an accident. If you do have an accident, your ELD protects you by capturing driver and vehicle behavior before, during and after an event.

4. Reduce non-driving time. One of the key benefits of ELDs is that they not only make staying in compliance easier, but they also simplify the overall tracking process. You no longer have to keep arduous paper logs of everything that you do. Instead, you can record your activities with only a few taps — saving untold hours each week.

5. Keep your attention on the road. Checking in with your dispatcher can take a significant amount of time and distract you from what’s happening on the road. With an ELD, your home office always knows your location and drive time.

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