New High-Tech Gear Helps Warn Tractor Trailers of Low Bridges

Truck Driving

If you’re on a new or unfamiliar road, a low bridge might sneak up on you before you realize it. While most bridges are high enough to fit your tractor trailer through, there are some that can be problematic — and it’s not unheard of for large trucks to get stuck or badly scraped due to a low passage. Many of these low overhangs are found in rural areas where there’s not a ton of room to turn around, causing traffic backups and worse as drivers attempt to navigate through a smaller space. Fortunately, there’s some new tech on the road that will help keep you from a challenging situation on the road.

Distracted Drivers

It’s easy enough for drivers to be distracted and miss signs stating that there’s a low overpass ahead, even when there have been lights or other methods of catching attention. When trucks hit a bridge, there is often a cost associated with getting the truck turned around, such as dispatching the police to the area to help direct traffic or clean up debris if the truck actually hits the low overhang. Aside from the cost of fixing the truck, many municipalities also impose a fine for hitting the public area.

High-Tech New Solution to An Age-Old Problem

Truck drivers can look forward to an easier time identifying these locations in the future. After vetting several different options, many cities are opting for a laser-triggered warning system on low bridges and overpasses. These devices trigger a flashing message that gives truck drivers a visual indicator that there’s a problem ahead and can even flash a phone number to call for help getting turned around.

This high-tech new solution is one of the many ways cities and towns continue to make it easier for truck drivers to be successful. Want to get started on your own truck driving career? Contact M&W Logistics today at 615-256-5755 or fill out our online application and view our current employment opportunities.