The Drive on MWTV 3-13-16

The Drive FI

Hello again everyone and thanks for watching The Drive on MWTV. I’m Chris Woody, and here’s today’s industry news…

On Thursday, the FMCSA issued an advance notice of proposed rulemaking on the Federal Register and opened up public comment on the debate about sleep apnea. The agency is gathering data and medical opinion in order to issue a final rule which will give clear guidance to DOT certified doctors about whether they can issue a medical card to a driver who show symptoms of sleep apnea. Currently, the agency cannot issue official guidance to doctors, carriers, or drivers. The FMCSA contends that it can revise its current medical standards to disqualify drivers with untreated sleep apnea. A final rule is not likely for the next couple of years, but we’ll keep you updated as any news on this issue comes our way.

And in M&W news, we have an urgent request that all drivers wear a reflective safety vest when they are out of the truck at any facility which requires a vest. We also ask that all drivers follow the proper check-in procedures before dropping a trailer at any facility. Safety vests of many sizes are available in B building, and if you have any questions about check-in procedures for any of our customers, please see someone in dispatch.

And we now have a company picnic scheduled for this summer – on Saturday, July 23rd we’ll be at Smiley Hollow in Goodlettsville, TN. Some of you will remember M&W picnics there from years ago. The event will start at 4:30pm so even you road drivers getting back in on Saturday morning can make it out. This event is open to all our Nashville and Memphis employees, their spouses, and any kids living at home. And don’t worry, Indy drivers, we’ve got something planned for you up there in Indiana. It’s going to be a great time, and we’ll have much more info out to you in the next few weeks. We’ll have a sign-up sheet in B building so come on by and reserve your spot.

Well that does it for this edition of The Drive on MWTV. I’m Chris Woody. Thanks for watching, stay safe out there, and keep on truckin’.