Electric Vehicle Tech Will Make Battery-Powered Electric Trucks a Viable Freight and Logistics Tool

Truck Driving

Electric vehicles are everywhere in the news, but you don’t hear a lot about electric delivery trucks or over-the-road freight trucks. These vehicles have undergone a stunning transformation over the past decade, and battery-powered electric vehicles are now poised to become viable as major freight and logistics tools. While there are still some challenges with the range and cost of electric trucks, they are now being used in a wider range of truck driving jobs than ever before.

Electric Vehicles Are the Future

Large electric trucks are most likely to be used for local deliveries, at least to start. Battery-driven vehicles are still relatively limited in distance, and the additional weight that the engines are hauling will cause the batteries to lose power more quickly than consumer transport vehicles.

Electric Vehicle Tech is Still Expensive

The cost of an electric truck is still approximately double that of a truck that uses more traditional fuel, but there are government subsidies that will help offset the costs for many transportation companies. Another appealing fact about electric vehicles is that these trucks are essentially emission-free. This is very valuable to large cities where air quality is nearing crisis levels.

High-Speed Charging is Mandatory

Time off the road is time when trucks are not making money, making it crucial for the manufacturers to perfect high-speed charging. Until charging can be brought down to 30 minutes or less, it’s going to be difficult for logistics companies to justify the additional cost of charging time for the electric trucks.

One thing is clear: the advances around electric trucks and other vehicles will continue to expand in the future. Want to find the best trucking jobs in the area? Learn more today or apply online at M&W Transportation. Our family-owned and operated company is one of the best in the business and believes in investing in our employees and serving the community.